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Recent Projects

The Sloans
Candace Rousse
Mark Lasseigne
Lynn Breaux - Take Me


Studio Capabilities

32 tracks input at a time, total tracks virtually unlimited, seven isolated rooms, 9 monitor mixes, Soundcraft 32 channel main board, Sonar X1 Producer software on Windows 7 - 64bit PC using MOTU A/D hardware.


Owned by
Chris and Lynn Breaux

His House Band - LifeWatch Ministries - Lynn Breaux

Psalm 150

His House Studio
P.O. Box 9166
New Iberia, LA 70562

PreSonus Eureka channel strip

PreSonus Studio Channel strip

PreSonus BlueTube mic pre’s

DBX 160A compressor

Line 6 POD XT Live

Hartke 2155 Bass combo amp

Line 6 Spider III guitar amp

Marshall AS50R Acoustic amp