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Recent Projects

The Sloans
Candace Rousse
Mark Lasseigne
Lynn Breaux - Take Me


Studio Capabilities

32 tracks input at a time, total tracks virtually unlimited, seven isolated rooms, 9 monitor mixes, Soundcraft 32 channel main board, Sonar X1 Producer software on Windows 7 - 64bit PC using MOTU A/D hardware.


Owned by
Chris and Lynn Breaux

His House Band - LifeWatch Ministries - Lynn Breaux

Psalm 150

His House Studio
P.O. Box 9166
New Iberia, LA 70562

AKG C1000s
AKG C3000B
AudioTechnica AT2020
Reslo Ribbon
Shure Beta 52a
Shure SM57(qty 8)
Shure SM58(qty 8)
Shure SM81(qty 4)
Samson C01(qty 2)